Ahimsa blends deep exotic sounds, from tribal fusion bellydance, to rich Indian instrumental dub and ambient in the chill out arena.
After concentrating on the world fusion, and djing in Australia, India, London, New York, Seattle and Tokyo amongst others, finding new exotic sounds along the way, settling in Tokyo for 8 years where he began a deep connection with the local bellydance scene which is obvious in every set. With a large music collection , he weaves a rich tapestry of sounds with a very original blend of organic dub, sufi lounge and global groove.

Born in Australia, with Indian roots, and exploring the sounds of Indian fusion from numerous trips to India, developed further appreciation for the music which led to djing and eventually producing, and releasing music internationally.Now often working in the studio looking for future tribal sounds and ethnic chill out gems, has collaborating with world music artists and electronic based artists alike.

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