The ‘Fraud Millionaires’ represent everything that true music lovers believe in. Honest lyrics, straight from the heart of singer John Roast, soar with power over tight grooves and memorable riffs. True originality and passion emanates from the Eight members as they take to the stage, writhing and contorting through every verse, chorus and bridge, leaving crowds breath taken with a sense of musical fulfilment.
The Fraud’s have endeavoured to push the boundary’s of their music in the studio and on-stage, with years of live experience interstate and locally, now leading to a live performance with a presence of raw underground exhilaration and energy.
The Fraud’s have now culminated three warmly received albums to date, with the third instalment to their collection underway, of which is shaping to be a more hard-hitting, rockier phase in the bands journey.
With the addition of 3 new members into the mix their sound is now solidified. The Fraud’s are now looking to take their Fresh new outfit on the Road over this next year with tours to all capitals and every Festival in their way!

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