South Coast Roots Reggae Ska
There came a time at the zenith of the moon when four primeval elements,
DRUMS—GUITARS—MELODICA—VOX were brought together in the fury of a
heavenly storm and fused into a single entity LITTLEFISH. In a curious twist
Thought or Tripitakabuddah spins the wheel of time, it exists in the lee of a hill
watching over the sleepy coastal towns of the south coast. A small shed, sawdust,
metal, electricity, a milieu of musicality, a cacophony—LITTLEFISH reborn.
Scales tip, they shed only to be replaced with new colours until today with the fish
boldly emblazoned with herb heavy green, the blood red of the beating heart and
the bright yellows of the rising sun. LITTLEFISH spawn reggae inspired tunes to
feedback nine to the universe!!

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