Living Kaurna Cultural Centre and Warriparinga Wetlands

  • Warriparinga Drive, (Off Sturt Road), Bedford Park SA 5042

Over eons of time, the Kaurna people of the Adelaide Plains have gathered at Warriparinga. The Living Kaurna Cultural Centre was built here to ensure that Kaurna culture, and the Dreaming Story of the Land, is passed on from generation to generation.

Purruna Kaurna Munaintya Wardli

“Yaintya trrukungka ngadlu, Kaurna miyurna, ngadluku pirrku yarta-unangku warrapanthi. Ngadlu kumangka tuwilila manku-mankurrinthi Munaintya purruti-apiti purtititya. In this centre we, Kaurna people, tell our stories from the land. We assemble together in the spirit in order to celebrate renewal of the Dreaming.”


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